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Gatlin Place, Avalon Park, Baldwin Park and First Time Home Buyers

January 15th, 2009 11:00 AM by David W. Welch

I have added a few pages to my website www.DavidWelch.com with YouTube Videos of specific neighborhoods in the Orlando area. There are no doubt other agents that have added similar resources on their websites, but these have been working pretty well lately. Follow up with appropriate keywords, and as people search for help in those specific neighborhoods hopefully you will climb to the top of the search engines. My website is through alamode, and it is very easy to add pages to the site. I have mine named for the communities that I am highlighting. Gatlin Place, Avalon Park, and Baldwin Park. Make sure you put the name of the community and your own name and company in the page title. I try to make sure that I link back or highlight my listings or recent sales in these neighborhoods.

It is also important to blog about what is going on the communities you serve. Keeping these pages fresh is the best way to get noticed by the search engine spiders, and nothing beats a good blog. If you are not necessarily focused on particular neighborhoods or areas of your town, highlight whatever your niche is with a page or maybe several dedicated to your specialty. My hat is off to those of you that use custom made websites, but even those of us with the "canned" variety can customize by highlighting the areas - geographical or otherwise - that we serve. Another none geographical area that I am doing a lot of business in is first time home buyers. I have three different pages and a separate URL dedicated to the specific questions, concerns and needs of the first time buyer including a page dedicated to the current tax credit being offered.

What is the result of this specialization, and promoting my services in specific areas and needs? I currently have three listings in the Avalon Park area, two of which found me on the internet. I am getting between 20-30 people a day coming to www.DavidWelch.com that are searching for help with a first home. Several of my neighbors in Baldwin Park have contacted me about listing their homes. Four of these six potential property listings, came from the internet. The others are past customers and friends. Additionally, I have sold a couple of Baldwin Park Condos one which was straight from the internet. I have two other buyers, that I am working with that came straight from the Baldwin Park Condo page on my website. Additionally, I am working with two buyers in the Conway area. Best of luck with your internet strategy, and I hope that some of these ideas can work for you. Don't forget to blog on Activerain and other real estate specific blogs too. I have a home closing at the end of this month that is a direct result of an Activerain referral I received from www.OWSmith.com in Memphis. Thanks OW.

David W. Welch, Remax 200 Realty, RealEstateOptimist

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Posted by David W. Welch on January 15th, 2009 11:00 AM


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