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How to Stage a Home During the Holidays

September 28th, 2018 10:54 AM by David W. Welch

Showing and selling a house is a necessary, but also time-consuming measure in selling a house. Needing to keep it ready for visitors at sometimes short notice can be nerve-wracking, but trying to embrace holidays while still staying show-ready during festive occasions from October to January can make this time even harder.

Even during the holidays, the basics of staging remain the same. A clean house that smells fresh and inviting will always give the best first impression possible. Start by taking a hard and critical look at what you own, getting rid of things you don’t want or need and what can be donated to clear out your space. Facing this first means less stuff to move later, deciding if a storage unit would be worth the price and helps you prioritize what you want to keep and what you want to replace in your new home.

Once you’ve cleaned out the stuff you don’t want, now is the time to really get cleaning in every single room. Deep clean all high selling point areas like the kitchen and bathrooms, wipe down baseboards and walls, every window and shampoo the carpets if necessary. This is also a prime opportunity to hire cleaners if you might need extra time for yourself, or an extra set of hands to tackle the job.

Now that your house is sparkling and smelling clean, staging it gets you closer to closing the sale. Showing off your space to prove its potential with your presentation and decor is the next step.

For the exterior, simple lawn care like cleaning up leaves, branches, power-washing siding and stucco will typically be sufficient. However, since first impressions matter, make sure all your gutters are in good shape and cleared, fix any broken patches of walkways, screens, etc. so people aren’t leery before even setting foot in your home. Adding banks of mums, a small wreath or tasteful lights to a few trees and bushes closer to December are also ways of getting the outside of your home festive and looking ready to welcome prospective buyers.

Focusing on inside the house, personal pictures, mementos and knick knacks are undoubtedly meaningful to you and your family, for prospective buyers it might just block their ability to imagine their own family portraits on the walls. It might be tough to remove all your personal belongings from your home while still living there, but remember you’ll have to pack them eventually, this just gets you closer to settling into your new home!

Keeping in mind that clutter, trinkets and “stuff” are the opposite of what helps to sell a house, adding just a few simple touches can go a long way in helping capture the spirit of the holidays while still keeping your home show-ready.
  • Swap out your accent pillows, kitchen and bathroom display towels for themed ones
  • Simple garlands of leaves or evergreens draped on a mantle
  • Fresh seasonal flowers and festive candles neatly arranged on end and dining tables
  • Opt for smaller displays closer to holidays happening at the end of the year. Look for mini Christmas trees and consider displaying only your most cherished devotional items that can easily be stowed in closets during showings and open houses.
  • Use the same color in different shades when selecting decor items to keep your entire home stylish and cohesive. Reds, gold and silver can easily transition from Halloween all the way through New Years
Less is more and smaller is better in setting an autumnal and winter feel without adding distractions into your painstakingly cleared out space.

Still having trouble trying to stage your home but have keep in the holiday spirit? There are lots of ways to get help, including online interior design options for not only staging what you have, but helping create a new fresh design that you can take to your next home. Pinterest and home & garden magazines can also offer a wealth of ideas as well, but take care to only attempt DIY projects you know you can handle quickly and without needing a ton of materials.

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Posted by David W. Welch on September 28th, 2018 10:54 AM


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