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We always talk about location, location and location being the top three considerations when buying #realestate, but proximity to doctors and healthcare  may not be at the top of mind when looking at locations for your home. In our multi-generational home, access to healthcare services had to be a bit higher on our list of considerations. As I mentioned in my last blog about our #multigenerationalhome https://activerain.com/droplet/5jX6, both our mothers moved in with us. What I did not mention is that both had fairly significant health concerns, and saw multiple physicians regularly. Most of their physician offices were centrally located around downtown Orlando, which narrowed our prospective areas for our home search.

Southern Oaks

Great SoDo neighborhood near hospitals

Keeping our search close to downtown also kept us close to the two major hospitals in the area. Thankfully, over the past 15 years we did not need have many occasions to use the hospital services. We did however make dozens of trips to the doctors’ offices every year, so finding a home near them saved us countless hours of driving and allowed our mothers to keep seeing their trusted physicians.

If you are going to be searching for a multi-generational home in the #Orlando area, please give me a call. I would love to help you with your home search. #OrlandoRealEstate #Realtor #realestate

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A lot of people may write or report on multi-generational housing, but for the last 15 years, I have lived it. The biggest consideration for our family was making sure each generation had their own space. We actually had both our mothers living with us, although I always say we moved both mother-in-laws in. We also had our two daughters, and for several months our niece even stayed with our family. Each mom needed her own room and bathroom, the girls could share a large room and bath, and my wife and I, of course, would get the master suite. Since neither mom could negotiate stairs very well, we had to find a house with at least three bedrooms and three bathrooms on the first level. We were also looking for an extra room, so the mom’s could have a place to get away and watch television or read. Additionally, since my mom was still driving at the time, we really wanted a three car garage. We found ourselves looking for a five bedroom, four bath, three car garage, one story home. All the other usual considerations, such as school district, location and price range were still important.

We found a fantastic home in #BaldwinPark.The Dorchester model by Issa Homes was ideal, with a big dining room for family meals, separate office, formal living, master suite, and four other bedrooms with two additional baths on the main level.


Baldwin Park

Baldwin Park, Orlando

There was a large bonus room over the garage with another full bath for our daughters. I think that making sure each generation had their own space was huge for us being able to live together in relative peace. This was our home for 10 years, until both daughters left for college, and my mother-in-law passed away. We downsized with my mother a few years ago, and actually got along pretty well in a smaller home until my older daughter returned home to attend grad school. It has been hardest on her, since she has been sharing a bathroom with my wife and I, and she really does not have any space where she can escape to, except her bedroom. My daughter is about to wrap up graduate school, and will likely be moving out in the next few months, so we will be back to just two generations in our household.

If you are considering a multi-gen home in Orlando, give me a call. I’d love to help your family find the right place to call home.
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I get emails and calls every week asking about 'rent to own' homes in Orlando. The first thing you need to know about lease purchases is that virtually nobody offers their home for sale under a lease purchase or rent to own. Out of more than 5,000 homes in Orange and Seminole Counties only 28 were offering to sell via lease purchase or lease option. There is a program though that is specifically designed to help people looking for a lease purchase alternative. Home Partners can turn many, if not most, of those 5,000 homes for sale into a lease purchase option.

To qualify, you must have a household income of at least $50,000 per year, and a minimum credit score of 575. You cannot have any recent evictions or be in bankruptcy, and they also do a criminal background check. If this sounds like it could work for you, find more details and even apply for the program right here http://www.DavidWelch.com/HomePartners.

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New Homes in Florida

There are a number of reasons why you should have an agent representing you in a new home purchase transaction. First, of all no matter how nice the new home sales person is, they are not representing you. They have a legal obligation to represent the interests of the builder/developer. Doesn't it just make sense to have a real estate professional representing your interests? The builder thinks it is important to have a professional representing them in the transaction. You should really do the same.

Your agent, while not a lawyer, can help you to understand the differences in the 'standard' contract and a builder's contract. They are not the same, and your agent should have the experience to know what questions to ask, and what those differences can cost you. Yes, I said 'cost you'. There are costs a seller customarily pays here in The Sunshine State, but the builder's contract often shifts those costs to the buyer's side of the ledger. While your agent may not be able to negotiate a change in those costs, at least you will go into the transaction more fully understanding your obligations and costs. I recently had a couple that decided not to purchase new, when they realized how much those extra expenses were going to cost them. We ended up finding a re-sale in the same neighborhood that was less than six months old, with a very motivated owner by the way. They were able to purchase the same model home with many of the same features and upgrades they liked without waiting to build.

Orlando Real Estate

There is another benefit to having an agent representing you in a new home transaction. You may only buy one house from that builder, but your agent may have sold many homes with that same builder. Recently, I represented a new home buyer purchasing a home that was completed just in time for the builder's year end financials. We arrived at the closing agent's office, and closed without any issues. Since it was the end of the builder's fiscal year, there were 24 other closings scheduled for that day, and roughly half of them had last minute issues creating delays for the buyers. Two families I met in the waiting room said they had moving trucks and movers (charging by the hour) waiting for them to close to move into their new home. When we left, they were still waiting to find out if they would be able to close that day or not. They did not have a real estate agent representing them. I cannot say that all the buyers experiencing delays that day had no agent, but part of my job was to make sure everything was ready to go beforehand. Builders do respect the role of the buyer's agent, and they want us to keep bringing buyers to their communities. That potential for many future sales, may just give your agent a bit more clout with the builder.


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