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Orlando Real Estate (Shrinking Inventory)

April 19th, 2011 2:57 PM by David W. Welch

Generally speaking in real estate we consider a six month supply of inventory a balanced market. If it rises much above six months we say it is a buyer's market. A few years ago it climbed to something like 26 months here in Orlando. If it drops much below six months we say the market favors seller's. Right now in Orlando there are 12,162 active listings, and last month's sales hit 2,654. Divide the number of listings by the number of sales, and there is currently a 4.6 month supply of inventory in Orlando. It certainly appears to be a seller's market, but I doubt you will find many sellers or agents that feel that way. Most people will tell you that the market has improved greatly, but not that much.

I broke it down by list price to see how things fared at different ranges, and found that $100,000 makes a huge difference in defining our markets. Our median sales price is around $100,000, so I looked at homes priced below that figure. There are 3,729 active and last month 1,289 sold. So there is only a 2.9 month supply of homes available priced below $100,000. Conversely, there are 8,433 homes available that are priced at or above $100,000. Last month homes price above $100,000 accounted for 1,365 sales. That means there is a 6.2 month supply of homes priced above $100,000. So below the median we have a ver strong seller's market, but above we have a balanced market. I took it a couple of steps further. We currently have a 9.0 month supply of homes priced over $200,000; a 13.8 month supply of homes priced over $300,000; and a 17.0 month supply of homes priced above $400,000.

David Welch, Real Estate Optimist

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Posted by David W. Welch on April 19th, 2011 2:57 PM


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