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Orlando Real Estate Statistics from Realtor.com June 2012

July 18th, 2012 9:02 AM by David W. Welch

June 2012 real estate search results are in and Orlando, FL was the #9 most searched market in the country in June 2012, based on data released today by Realtor.com, the #1 homes for sale real estate web site. Also, take a look at our special section on U.S. Olympic host cities below.

Median list prices for homes in Orlando, FL hit $165,900 in June 2012, a 8.78% increase from one year ago this month, and 3.69% increase from May 2012.  The national median list price in June 2012 was $195,000, a 2.68% increase compared to June 2011.


Active for sale inventory of homes in Orlando, FL in June 2012 leveled out at 9,389, a -26.24% decrease compared to June 2011. National inventory counts for June 2012 were 1,886,690, a -19.35% decrease as compared to a year ago. 


The median age of inventory in Orlando, FL in June was 62 days, a 3.33% increase compared to May 2012.  Nationally, the median age of inventory was 84 days, a 1.20% increase compared to May.


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Each month, Realtor.com surveys up to 250 Metro Service Areas (MSA) throughout the nation and monitors real estate trends including consumer search behavior, median list prices on for sale homes, active inventory counts and median age of inventory. The information is released to local markets to help consumers and real estate professionals as they work together to successfully navigate their local market.


According to Realtor.com, the top 10 most searched real estate markets, identified as MSAs, in the United States in June 2012 include:


Chicago, IL                                                       1st

Detroit, MI                                                         2rd

Los Angeles-Long Beach, CA                            3rd

Philadelphia, PA                                                4th

Dallas, TX                                                         5th

Atlanta, GA                                                       6th

Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater, FL                  7th

Phoenix-Mesa, AZ                                             8th

Orlando, FL                                                       9th

Riverside-San Bernardino, CA                            10th      


In addition, the top most searched real estate markets in Florida in June 2012, and the national searched rank included:


Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater, FL      #7

Orlando, FL                                           #9

West Palm Beach-Boca Raton, FL          #16

Fort Lauderdale, FL                               #18

Miami, FL                                              #24

Sarasota-Bradenton, FL                         #40

Fort Myers-Cape Coral, FL                     #43

Jacksonville, FL                                    #44

Melbourne-Titusville-Palm Bay, FL          #51

Fort Pierce-Port St. Lucie, FL                 #53

Daytona Beach, FL                                #58

Lakeland-Winter Haven, FL                     #73

Naples, FL                                            #75

Pensacola, FL                                       #110

Tallahassee, FL                         #118

Ocala, FL                                              #126

Gainesville, FL                                      #134

Punta Gorda, FL                                    #143


U.S. Olympic Host Cities

Host City


Median List Price In Host Year [i]

Median List Price

June 2012

Median List Price: % YY Δ

Total Listings

June 2012

Total Listings: % YY ?

Unemployment Rate[ii]


1996 Summer Games







Lake Placid

1932 Winter Games







Lake Placid

1980 Winter Games







Los Angeles

1932 Summer Games







Los Angeles

1984 Summer Games







Salt Lake City

2002 Winter Games







Squaw Valley

1960 Winter Games







St. Louis

1904 Summer Games








A.    Atlanta, GA - 1996: With increasing list prices, decreasing inventory and a low median age of inventory (68 days), Atlanta was a hard hit area now showing signs of stability. Though its unemployment rate is still higher than the national rate of 8.2%, the growing wireless and online retail industries are expected to increase job opportunities. The area is the home base of both AT&T Mobility and UPS.[iv]


·         Olympic Highlights: Gymnast Kerri Strug led the U.S. women’s team to its first gold medal after vaulting on an injured ankle. In track and field, Michael Johnson set a world record for the 200 meter and won two golds while Carl Lewis won his 4th long jump gold medal.


B.    Lake Placid, NY: This small village in the Adirondacks is a resort community with healthy real estate trends. Median list prices in the area are increasing while inventory counts are dropping, though unemployment is much higher than nationally. The area’s economy is based on tourism, mainly skiing and hiking enthusiasts from the Northeast and Canada. A recent tourism study indicates visitors are opting for shorter trips when visiting the area, which may be affecting the local economy.[v]

·         Olympic highlights (1932): Speed skater Jack Shea became the first person to ever win two gold medals at a Winter Olympics. 

·         Olympic highlights (1980): The famous “Miracle on Ice” hockey game between the USA and USSR (the underdog USA team won 4-3). Speed skater Eric Heiden wins five gold medals, and sets a world record and four Olympic records.


C.    Los Angeles, CA: Like Atlanta, this former Olympic city is experiencing signs of stability as inventories decline while median list prices rise. Unemployment, however, is still high at 2% above the national rate. Jobs are increasing mainly in the leisure and hospitality sectors, and more than 9,000 positions were added in May.[vi]


·         Olympic highlights (1932): Victory podiums were used for the first time. Takeichi Nishi wins a gold medal in show jumping, the only Japanese athlete to win a gold in an equestrian event to this day. Tenth Street was renamed Olympic Boulevard in honor of the Games.  

·         Olympic highlights (1984): More than 14 countries including the Soviet Union, Cuba, and East Germany boycotted the games because the U.S. boycotted the 1980 Moscow games. Track and field star Carl Lewis appears at his first Olympics, and wins four gold medals.  Mary Lou Retton becomes the first American to win the gymnastics all-around competition.

D.    Salt Lake City, UT - 2002: Like other former U.S. Olympic host markets, median list prices are on the rise as inventory levels are on the decline. The area’s unemployment rate is far below the nation’s. Utah is expected to have large growth in jobs this year in the high-tech vertical -- with digital storage company EMC hiring -- as well as in the manufacturing, leisure and business service industries.[vii]  


·         Olympic highlights: Canadian figure skating duo Jamie Salé and David Pelletier were awarded a second gold medal after a controversy involving the score of a French judge. Australian short track skater Steven Bradbury won a gold medal after witnessing three competitors crash during the semifinal and four crash at the finals. The first Olympics since 9/11 featured a patriotic theme, including the American flag that flew at Ground Zero and honor guards from New York’s police and fire departments.


E.    Squaw Valley, CA - 1960: Though it’s one of the smallest places in the world to ever host the Olympics, the community has a strong median list price--which grew in June--as well as decreasing inventory. Unemployment is higher than the national rate, though job prospects in the Placer County area are growing. Projections show a 43% increase in employment by 2020, especially in the areas of construction, transportation and hospitality--and recreational opportunities are plentiful.[viii]


·         Olympic highlights: This Olympic Games features the first athlete’s village. Walt Disney produced the opening and closing ceremonies for CBS. Soviet Union athletes dominate the competition: speed skaters Yevgeny Grishin and Lidiya Skoblikova are the only multiple gold medalists, and the Soviet Union wins the most medals overall (21 total).


F.    St. Louis, MO - 1904: Positive real estate trends in the oldest U.S. Olympic host city include a healthy inventory level paired with a rising median list price. Unemployment is below the national rate, and long-term job growth is expected with small businesses leading the way.[ix] St. Louis is also home to a number of companies recently mentioned as ‘The 100 Best Companies to Work For’ -- Build-A-Bear Workshop, Edward Jones, and Scottrade, among others.[x]


·         Olympic highlights: The event was part of the World’s Fair and lasted more than four months. American gymnast George Eyser, who had a wooden left leg, won six medals. The marathon took place during extreme heat and dust clouds.


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