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Thinking of Real Estate as a Career

July 2nd, 2018 5:10 PM by David W. Welch

Thinking of real estate as a career? Check out this article by Emile L'Eplattenier in The Close. There are a lot of things you need to consider when going into real estate as a business. This piece covers a number of reasons why so many people fail in their first few years in the business.

Here in Orlando we have about 300 people joining the local Realtor Association each month, but we only have about 1,000 more members today compared to a year ago. That means we are losing over 200 per month on average. Many of the ones that hang on are not making a living at real estate. If you are thinking of joining our ranks or already knee deep in it, this is definitely a good read. I am thrilled they asked me to contribute, and you can catch my comments toward the bottom of the article.

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Posted by David W. Welch on July 2nd, 2018 5:10 PM


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